The Global Impact, Innovation, Influence and Legacy of Michael Prince Johnson’s Music

Johnson is considered one of the world’s greatest, or the greatest, player of the kalimba and shekere.

World-renowned musician and DJ Michael Prince Johnson has released his album, “The Legacy of Black African Civilizations,” offering proof of his diverse talents as a composer, musician, producer, and storyteller. The album features the Afro-House genre through 10 standout songs, including radio hits such as “The Legacy of Black African Civilizations,” “Kemet and Nubia: The Twin Kingdoms,” “Nok to Kush: The African Pioneers,” “Zulu Empire,” “The Land of Punt and Carthage,” “The Kingdom of Aksum,” “Mali Empire and Songhai Empire,” “Great Zimbabwe,” “Ghana Empire (A.K.A. Awkar),” and ” The Kingdom of Benin.” The album celebrates the amazing history and achievements of Africa’s most important civilizations.

Johnson’s music has garnered global acclaim, captivating over 500 million listeners across 160 countries through 3000 radio stations. He consistently secures top positions on radio charts, sharing recognition with iconic artists like Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

His influence extends worldwide, receiving acclaim from prestigious publications and being featured on BBC Music Spotify Playlist and News 18 Hindi, reaching over 1 billion viewers.

He has made history among Austrian artists, bands, and DJs by having the most songs played on top U.S. mainstream and independent radio stations.

Johnson’s music has garnered worldwide radio airplay and reached #1 on the charts of various stations, including in the US: WRRN Greatest Hits 92 Gold,

102.7 KIIS FM, 89.1 Ken’s FM, 562 Live ASCAP, BMS Radio Network ASCAP; in the  UK:  BBC  Radio  1;  in  Canada:  Bounce  Radio  CKX-FM  96.1  BOB  FM;  in Australia: 89.3 LAFM; in Austria: Ö3, FM4, Ö1, and MyTuner Radio (Global).

With critical acclaim from prestigious publications, Johnson’s career includes over 70 albums and more than 600 songs released since 2007, with millions of streams on Apple Music. All of his albums and songs are self-produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed, adding to the popularity of his music. His compositions include diverse themes including African history, sociology, psychology, love stories, and contemporary issues, earning him the title “The King Of Instrumental Storytelling.” Globally recognized as one of the world’s most prolific instrumentalists, musicians, composers, and singer-songwriters, he is Austria’s most successful international artist. Johnson’s music is critically acclaimed and recognized for its quality, versatility, creativity, innovation, beauty, and complexity.

Johnson’s global influence is widely recognized, earning accolades from reputable publications such as The Source, AllHipHop, The Hype Magazine, HipHopSince1987, We Rave You, and LA Weekly. He is also widely recognized as “The Inventor, The King of Kalimba and Shekere DJ Performance.” Renowned for his electrifying live performances, Johnson seamlessly integrates live kalimba, shekere, and vocal with a DJ set with a 24-channel live mixer. His concerts are categorized into ‘Live Acts,’ ‘Live Music,’ and ‘Live Instrumental DJ Acts,’ highlighting the unique nature of his performances as both a live musician and a DJ.

Johnson has performed at iconic international venues such as Space Ibiza, Fabric, and Avalon, as well as within the Austrian music scene with appearances at Club U4 and Volksgarten Club. He has captivated audiences at major festivals like the Danube Island Festival and earned recognition from highly respected cultural institutions, including Viennese City Hall, and ORF Radio Culture House. Johnson has showcased his music at historically significant Austrian landmarks such as Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, and luxury hotels like Hotel Hilton, Vienna Marriott Hotel, Austria-Trend Hotel, and Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Vienna. He performs his original music productions in instrumental hip-hop, subgenres of EDM, and African World Music.

Johnson distinguishes himself as a kalimba and shekere soloist by exclusively performing his compositions. Johnson’s solo kalimba and shekere performances showcase his unique musical voice and creative vision. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, Johnson’s kalimba and shekere compositions blend African music, jazz, and contemporary sounds, creating a rich and emotionally resonant musical fusion. In his solo performances with kalimba and shekere, Johnson takes audiences on a captivating journey of discovering new music and meaningful messages.

As the world’s most prolific DJ/Producer with numerous studio albums and original releases, Johnson also holds the distinction of being Austria’s most prolific black African and Austrian instrumentalist musician, composer, singer- songwriter, recording artist, and DJ/Producer. His pioneering legacy as the first black African and Austrian instrumentalist musician to achieve global recognition inspires aspiring artists worldwide, breaking barriers and reshaping contemporary music, African World music, and African contemporary music with each innovative and creative effort. His albums include “African History Vol.1,” “The Legacy of Black African Civilizations,” “History of Epidemics Vol.1 & Vol.2,” “Michaela Queenie Johnson,” “Rock Crystal Vol.2 & Vol.3,” “Street Of Danger Vol.1,” and “72 Diamonds Vol.4,” have titles with meaningful and educational messages that show the richness of his artistry.

Notable songs such as “Kemet – Egypt Mean the Place of Black African People,” “Cover Up of the Accomplishments of Black Africans,” “The Legacy of  Black  African  Civilizations,”   “Nok  to  Kush:  The  African  Pioneers,”  “Mali Empire and Songhai Empire,” “Zulu Empire,” “History of Epidemics,” “War Produced The Death and Destruction,” “Love Does Not Harm Anyone,” “Importance Of Nature,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” etc. Johnson founded the music duo group The 72 Diamonds with his wife, Michaela Queenie Johnson. Michaela’s contributions as co-composer, co-producer, and co-manager further enrich their collaborative achievements legacy.

Johnson’s contributions extend beyond mainstream recognition. His work is celebrated for its meaningful themes, cultural significance, and innovative approach, making his legacy impactful in ways that surpass typical popular acclaim. Johnson’s influence delves into deep artistic and cultural expressions, distinguishing him from the mainstream focus of other iconic artists.

Johnson is considered one of the world’s greatest, or the greatest, player of the kalimba and shekere. He is the founder and owner of Austria’s most successful international independent and artist-run record label, known as Be among the first to experience “The Legacy of Black African Civilizations.” For additional details about the album, visit The album is available on all digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud.