Why Being an Entrepreneur and a Musician Was a Challenge for Michael Stemley

Michael Stemley’s success as a musician has been intertwined with his experience as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur and musician can be very difficult, especially if you are transitioning from one to the other. When he first started out in business, Michael Stemley had no idea what he was doing, but he still found success as an entrepreneur by using his artistic talent to market his business. From then on, it has been quite a challenge for him to balance both businesses and be successful at them. 

Early Beginnings

Since the age of 14, Michael Stemley has had the vision to become a force in the world of music where hip hop, jazz, rock, blues, reggae, country, rap, classical, gospel, and many others live. He has also envisioned himself being an entrepreneur in his own right, not just as a musician but as an artist and creative with interests outside of music. But after graduating from college, he became less focused on what it would take to get there because he wanted to do something different, like starting his own business and becoming financially independent.

Becoming an Artist

He wanted to create things that would make a change. That was his purpose, but it had come time to grow up. He didn’t want to go the typical route, but there were bills that needed paying. He eventually set out on his own and became an entrepreneur.  However, as a transitioning musician, he was still creating art while balancing life as an artist. The secret is learning how to deal with the uncertainty of life and using your creativity to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. After that, he started ML Production LLC, where he does all sorts of production work and Music development work.

Finding his Passion

Stemley’s ability to juggle his two careers for as long as he did is a testament to the significance of finding your passion. Doing what you love allows you to meet the challenges of work and still retain the joy in your heart. Finding your passion doesn’t have to be hard; it can happen over time or after a major life event. Sometimes, all it takes is one spark. His passion for Hip-Hop music led him to make this decision, but the music wasn’t something that came naturally to him. When Stemley first started singing at age 1, it was just because he liked listening to music.

His Influences 

Michael Stemley’s success as a musician has been intertwined with his experience as an entrepreneur. He got his start in the industry by becoming an A&R. While being an A&R  he connected with the music icon R&B Legend Teddy Riley. Teddy quickly became not only one of his mentors but also one of his closest friends and business partners.

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