AK Debris is King in The City Of Canada

East Coast Canadian rapper AK Debris is the YouTube superstar that became a local legend for his funny and entertaining lifestyle.

AK Debris was born in Sudan but spent most of his days growing up in Saudi Arabia. His upbringing saw the rough reality of his homeland that oppressed freedom of speech and creative will. While already fighting through hardships, he would be subjected to the pain of losing his aunt to the same ruthless regime. This lit a fire within AK Debris, one that motivated him to build a movement on YouTube where his voice held meaning. Hip hop would be introduced to AK Debris after discovering artists like Lil B and Soulja Boy. From that moment forward, he pursued a musical career of his own after migrating to Canada.

He would be hailed as a local celebrity for his originality in the booth, freestyling dope tracks over aggressive dark beats with contrasting high pitch singing. His status in the industry grew along with friends and now famous artists Young Gstar and Tex Armstrong. AK Debris’ style gets him compared to icons like Future, but AK Debris stands in a lane of his own and intends to use his over drowned autotune mumbling to change the game through music, skits, and animated cartoons among others. 

His track, “Mayday,” detailing his services from a woman for $20 on Black Friday night is a fan favorite, along with his latest diss track aimed at old friends turned enemies. His celebrity lifestyle is nothing new to him and he plans on continuing to make bank from his very lucrative YouTube cash flow. AK Debris is currently working on more collaborations with his peers like Kasher Quon but also welcomes working with creatives that know the struggle of the come up. 

AK Debris respects courage to pursue dreams in life and will continue to use his status to inspire others whose voices and creativity are being stifled. Be sure to follow his projects and future collaborations.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/akdebris