“All Praises For  the Book of John”

Hill said that he was in talks with Sony music about working with “Usher” and “Official Vybe” of Universal Music Group

A Major Announcement has just been made by Grammy Nominee TeamJohnHill !!! He will be releasing a complete body of his own Music. it is to be released in “2023” Called “The Book of John” a play on his philosophy of life through Music, Relationships Growth, and Situations. The announcement was made live on Facebook while at The island Recording studio in Chicago with a few Artists and producers in the background including Euro Pop Powerhouse Trio “The Jersey Girls” Head Up Entertainment CEO “Head” Maurice Hill two of his Marquee label Recording Artists “Calhoon” and “vocals” who will all be working on the  Album.

  Photo:Teamjohnhill & Damon Ranger(Credit Mark Taylor)                                   

We also hear TeamJohnhill corporation Executive and singer “Fabian James” will dust off his mic and showcase his talent on the project and to our surprise” we’re not going to take it” singer of Twisted Sister and Rock God legend “Dee Snider” will be on the album,  Along with new Metal Rock band “Tantric” ,G.o.o.d Music Artist  “Warren Reallydoe Trotter”, R&B crooners “Luigi the singer”, “Journee soul”.  

As the video proceeded “ Hill,” said that he was in talks with Sony music about working with “Usher” and Official Vybe” of Universal Music Group also in attendance was West African Superstar “P.Martt” who “Hill” spoke of working with as well as 6 time Emmy award-winning Grammy-winning songwriter-producer “Damon Ranger” who will be producing on the album.

Photo: Dee Snider

Apparently, this project will have a lot of twists and turns fusing RnB, Rock, Reggaetón, and Afro-pop such a mouthful of people involved could either be overkill or a Godsend whatever it maybe it will be something interesting to see especially since TeamJohn Hill is a very colorful person, in general, I think we’re all ready to lose our religion on the Book of John for more info follow Teamjohnhill.

Media contact Mack Delfino