Artist-Influencer Jtti and His Brother Jack Troia Launch Record Company, Collective

Now, through his record label, “Collective,” Jtti wants to enlighten and inspire people worldwide.

The internet has unlocked several opportunities for aspiring music artists to showcase their talent on a global scene. Whether on social media or through a digital streaming platform, fresh talents can find their audience without relying on any label or producer. Artist-Influencer Jtti’s rise to fame is one such example. The music artist is still in his teens but is already taking to the spotlight in the music industry in New York. After a spree of hit singles, Jtti has launched his record label, “Collective,” in partnership with his brother Jack Troia, an entrepreneur and producer.

Jtti discovered his passion for music when he was only 7. However, his life has always been an uneven road with no parental guidance since childhood. Jtti grew up without his biological father and often relocated to different places across NY, imbibing the diverse musical culture. Since 13, Jtti has been fluent in various coding languages like HTML, C#, and C++, but there was always an undying passion for music, as he wanted to make a living out of it.

Growing up in a low-income family, Jtti had no resources to support his career; flowing from this, he adopted the street culture and was arrested a few times until he learned to understand right from wrong. Although he was highly inspired by rap and hip-hop culture, unarguably, starting requires more strength than we often give credit for; sadly, this was not Jtti’s strong suit. When his family got into severe debt, Jtti realized the need of the hour and wanted to pivot his life positively. He tried meditation to discover the power of his mind and attract positive energy through positive thinking.

Things began to work in his favor as Jtti developed a positive attitude toward life. At 15, he gained recognition as a promising artist in the music industry and has since released several hits on the internet. He realized that anything was possible and only a matter of one’s belief and the law of attraction. Jtti has achieved over a million streams across all digital platforms combined, and the numbers keep climbing. He has been featured on multiple billboards at Time Square, NYC. Popular artists like Jadakiss, Ron Suno, etc., have appreciated his incredible work in the music scene.     

Now, through his record label, “Collective,” Jtti wants to enlighten and inspire people worldwide. His brother Jack Troia is an entrepreneur and producer who share a similar vision with Jtti regarding the foundation of “Collective.” For Jtti, “Collective” is not just a music record label but a movement to unite the world and spread positivity. In addition, Jtti wants to bring more talent to the music industry through his label.

Jtti is on a mission to positively impact the lives of 100 million people globally with music. His label “Collective” is the means to accomplish this feat. Jtti is looking forward to collaborating with music icons like J. Cole, Lil Baby, Lil Tjay, Bryson Tiller, and many more, but with “Collective” as the prime focus of his career. He wants to motivate fresh talents to secure the place of unique and refined music even in the coming years.