Ashley Francois Is Grabbing The Attention Of Many

He was featured on a SoundCloud contest to create a hit record in under eight hours.

When it comes to the music industry, it’s often easy for things to fall into an expected routine, and this can leave us struggling to find the most appropriate style for our own preferences. This is something that has always resonated particularly strongly with Ashley Francois, who has always dreamed of doing things a little differently.

Born April 9, 1996, is a professional rapper, singer & songwriter in Sarasota, FL.

Rather than just fitting in with the crowd, Ashley Francois has worked tirelessly to develop his skills, working at every opportunity to further his knowledge and follow a unique path. This can often seem like a challenge, but it shouldn’t necessarily have to be this way – which is why, at every opportunity, he works to bolster his repertoire and learn new things.

One of four brothers raised by a single mother in his early childhood living in Brooklyn N.Y. 

After graduating from high school, he then transitions to the University of Central Florida. He then soon realized that basketball wasn’t in the plans anymore and soon dropped out of college.

For Ashely, just fitting in isn’t the right way to take things. Instead, he works tirelessly to ensure that he works for new heights – not for an audience, but for himself, personally. After all, it’s not about attention; it’s a dream and a goal to reach his full potential.

Ashley Francois takes inspiration in his music from numerous different artists, incorporating sounds from Chris Bronw, XXXtentacion, 2Pac, Travis Scot, Drake, and Pop Smoke to create a sound that’s both delightfully familiar and yet undeniably his own. After all, no matter what goal he sets his mind to, be it for his music or personal development, he has always worked to reach new heights.

He was featured on a SoundCloud contest to create a hit record in under eight hours. His debut album Don’t Feel Entitled won the Independent Music Awards for best hip hop album and also achieved a noble prize credited on the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Everything is done with unwavering passion – and that’s why, along with his brothers King Chad and Young Knight, Ashley Francois dreams not to fit in but to make his mark on the music industry and reach new heights. This is his path, after all – and he’ll be paving his own way rather than following in someone else’s footsteps.


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