Award-Winning Artist DJ Beyond Brings His Elite Energy to Listeners

DJ Beyond has worked with notable artists such as Cardi B, Sean Paul, and Ariana Grande.

Music is a big part of our lives, and whether in the gym, at home, or just walking in the park, it is common to see people listening to music. This is mainly because it is a universal language, and it helps us connect with others and express our emotions. According to Damian Perez, also known as DJ Beyond, this was one of the reasons that pushed him to start his career as a DJ.

He explains that he wanted to use music to share his story and spread love, something he’s been doing for the last two decades. His contagious energy and unique blend of music have enabled DJ Beyond to stay on top of the game even after all these years, with his shows packed to capacity.

DJ Beyond has performed at various clubs and events, including the West Indian-American Day carnivals and New York City Pride parades. He is also one of the DJs at the National Puerto Rican and the Dominican Day parades, DJing there almost every year.

He says that the experience working in the numerous clubs has greatly helped shape his career, paving the way for more opportunities. It’s assisted him in perfecting his skills and understanding his audience better, creating incredible music mixes. DJ Beyond’s work has continued to attract massive attention across NYC, receiving several awards, including the Best Blend DJ award by Urban Mixx Awards.

DJ Beyond has worked with notable artists such as Cardi B, Sean Paul, and Ariana Grande. He has also been featured on several TV shows and has contracts with Hospital for Special Surgery, United Nations, Marriott Hotels, Playboy, Pepsi, and Presidente Beer, among other top brands. As he continues to flourish, DJ Beyond is bringing his elite energy to his listeners and taking club DJing to the next level.