Awesome Nobody- “GO GRIFF”


Awesome Nobody is a lyrically skilled artist with unique style of rap who has been consistently building a solid fan base by doing shows in the NJ/NYC area and releasing quality music.

Awesome is a self proclaimed attribute short for “Awesome Nobody” that comes from the catch phrase “Somebody Awesome, but Nobody Special”! The term “Awesome” is a self realization and reminder just how very blessed and talented we all can be, emphasizing we are all “Awesome Individuals”. In comparison, its the same principle behind the “the Anonymous Nobody” used by De La Soul in 2015 that states there are no egos, no seniority, no bosses, just a group of equal “Nobodies” working towards one goal; making music!! The term “Nobody” in the name Awesome Nobody means a silent champion or brave individual “A Nobody” in a sense, that steps in to save the day who does so for “The Cause”, “Not because! When you use this metaphor in relation to the music industry its applicable because there are so many artists and its seemingly impossible to make a name for yourself, so in essence you are a nobody, but if you embrace that fact, its actually a strength that can be used with great leverage, quotes Awesome.

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Originally from the NJ/NYC area, Awesome Nobody is dropping his new single “GO GRIFF” on July 14th on iTunes, TIDAL, and Apple Music. What’s the best way to describe “Awesome’s music? According to Awesome, just as the name implies, “AWESOME”!! “Go Griff” is an upbeat, catchy, song full of meaning, lyricism and originality. The song is a perfect blend of lyricism and melody for an incredible musical journey into an AWESOME introduction of who he is. The song was produced by Atlantic Records super producer Go Grizzly (@GoGrizzly) who also produced hits for artists such as Cyhi the Prynce, Future, Kevin Gates, Young Dro, Trae The Truth, August Alsina, and Boldy James. Take a listen to his new single “GO GRIFF” below!

Be sure to buy the new single from Awesome “GO GRIFF” available on 7/14 on iTunes and TIDAL. For all things AWESOME check out his website, follow him on IG (@Awesome_Nobody), Twitter (@AwesomeNobdy), and