Ayal Kleinman Reflects On The Success Of His Latest Songs “Pulse” And “Burn it Down”

Ayal Kleinman

Ayal Kleinman talks success and songs.

Where do good songs come from? “Nobody knows,” said the revered poet Mr. Leonard Cohen. It is true. It is impossible for the music maker, be it the songwriter or the producer, to be sure if the song they’re about to write and produce would be a hit or fade out into oblivion. Ayal Kleinman dodged that bullet with his latest songs, “Pulse” and “Burn it down,” as they went on to create a massive stir among his listeners. In this article, Ayal reflects on what made them tick!

Music is a personal thing, much like religion. It’s what beats inside the beats of our hearts. It’s sacred. It’s holy. And musicians are its gatekeepers. Through practice, intuition, and imagination — concepts considered virtuous among the sciences — most musicians try to dive into the heart of hearts, a place where the truth is. With “Pulse” and “Burn it down,” Ayal tried to walk down the lane of inner life. He says, “I create in isolation. This allows me to harness my inner self, connect with my courage and fears and love and beauty, and use words like bait to, sort of, fish them out. I think my songs resonate with people because they can find themselves in it. That’s what I owe my success to.”

Ayal’s success with his songs has egged him on to create with a sense of urgency. In his own words, “I think it’s very important to not waste this ‘high feeling’ on something frivolous. I want to use this energy to create more music that can help people connect with themselves. That, above all, I believe, is the reason that ensures sustainable success.”