AZ Returns With The Deluxe Version Of Doe Or Die II


AZ is circling the block after dropping his return to the front of the line, Doe Or Die II. Listen to the deluxe version of the opus and watch “This Is Mine.”

Without question, AZ is one of the big homies of the Golden Era that has matured right before our eyes. Last year, he released the sequel to Doe Or Die, after 25+ years. And, in 2022, he drops The deluxe version of the album.” AZ said, “Salute to everyone anticipating the Doe Or Die II Deluxe, I feel the love and I won’t let you down. It’s packed with lyrical braggadocious punchlines and designed to take you on a journey” AZ says about the project. “This is true poetry from a true dart thrower.”

Also check out the visuals from “This Is Mine.”