Bali Baby Drops Highly-Anticipated New Mixtape “BALIPRINT”

Bali Baby

Bali Baby dropped her latest mixtape called “BALIPRINT.” Take a listen to the music and leave a review!

Bali Baby is the definition of lit, and you can hear it in her music. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Bali has been steadily building her brand and presence in the music industry, best known for her signature “MUAH!” tagline. She’s sweet, she’s charming, and she’s beautiful.. but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t come with the bars!

Exploding onto the scene with her 2016 breakout single “Designer,” Bali has been putting in the work, releasing project after project for her fans. Today, she returns with her highly-anticipated new tape titled BALIPRINT, inspired directly by the fact that rappers have been stealing her sauce from the jump.

In an exclusive quote to AllHipHop, she states, “I was out the game for about 2 years being a milf, and just started back getting in the studio around December 2021. In about 5 months, I’ve recorded over 30 songs and picked out the absolute hardest ones. I really was in my super cocky, bossy mood for these 6 months, I’ve only recorded on certain style beats! The ones that scream I’M THAT B#### & YOU’RE NOT.”

She adds, “I was also traveling around with my Playgirls on our mini-tour so I pulled inspo from all the partying and money spending that I was partaking in.”

Clocking in at 10 tracks, BALIPRINT is paired with a cover art that sees labels in a factory trying to recreate Bali Baby, when in the end she’ll never sell her soul!

Having spent 2 years out the game being a MILF (becoming a mother), Bali immediately returned back to the studio with a vengeance.