Big Head Bandz Re-energizes Big Boy Rap with ‘Hollywood’

Big Head Bandz lyrics speak to a specific aspect of a person’s spirit.

Knowing how to leverage your strengths in life is critical to success. Everyone is born with attributes and skills which can change the world. Sadly, millions of people die every day with unfulfilled potential. Lacking discipline and being overwhelmed by fear, the mass majority of people’s dreams never bloom into fruition.

Understanding the sacrifice of a vision is a cryptic language decoded by natural-born leaders. Once a person psychologically commits to the path of most resistance, they begin walking the path of destiny.
Most people are engulfed in their personal shortcomings or deficiencies in life. These life elements blind people from seeing their organic beauty and skillset. Weaknesses are beautiful when you accept them and seek the truth to evolve. Some of the world’s most influential leaders originated from struggle and despair.

Their ascension in life directly results from leveraging their strengths and weaknesses. Major Recording Artist/Serial Entrepreneur Big Head Bandz never allowed what he didn’t have in life prevent him from aiming for the moon and settling for less. Big Head Bandz defines the essence of being a legendary truth-teller in rap culture. Big Head Bandz represents a hybrid era of rap culture.

Big Head Bandz’s music meshes multiple complex and intricate components of rap into every musical composition. His ability to convert raw emotions of life into audio diamonds is unrivaled.
Listening to his body of work is a journey through Black history, the crack era, church, Corporate America, and Hip-Hop. His latest release ‘Hollywood’ epitomizes the art of hustling infused with the ‘48 Laws of Power’.

Big Head Bandz lyrics speak to a specific aspect of a person’s spirit. Sonically, Big Head Bandz is light years ahead of his contemporaries. “Hollywood’ is now being serviced with iHeartRadio radio programmers across North America. Big Head Bandz is CEO of Got Bandz Entertainment, LLC, and has multiple projects slated for release in 2023. He also is a Global Brand Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS and Big Head Bandz inked a strategic digital branding partnership in 2022.