Bishop The Overseer Exercises Some Healthy “Civil Disobedience” in His Latest Visual

Check out the new music video “Battle Cry – Civil Disobedience” by Bishop The Overseer!

Inspired by the historical events depicted in the motion picture “Birth of a Nation,” Bishop The Overseer releases the fourth single from his upcoming album Nation of Immigrants.”

Produced by Tone Jonez, “Battle Cry” contains a controversial lyric anomaly and exemplary music performance by Bishop The Overseer depicting past and present injustices in the United States. Consisting of over 40 individual elements in its creative development, “Battle Cry” masterfully embodies the theme of revolution that inspires the oppressed to fight for change.

Bishop’s new music video artfully captures the visualization of the Trans Atlantic Slave TradeMiddle Passage, slavery in the United States, and the American Civil War as compared to the Reconstruction Era and the new slave trade through Convict Leasing (the Industrial Prison Complex).

Almost four years in the making, Verse 1 artfully articulates Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in August 1831. Verse 2 recalls the events leading up to and during the American Civil War. Verse 3 masterfully compares the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to Reconstruction Era (Post-American Civil War) public policies, namely Convict Leasing, citing the Industrial Prison Complex as the new slave trade as provided for under the 13th Amendment.

Battle Cry” carefully follows a timeline of historical events pre/post-Civil War in the ongoing fight for justice, equality, and civil rights as contained within the upcoming album “Nation of Immigrants.”

Battle Cry – Civil Disobedience follows Bishop’s chart-topping single Runnin Back and his hit single Unconditional.”