Bodayga Drizz Returns with Birthday Anthem “It’s Ya Birthday”

Sounding like he hasn’t missed a beat, Bodayga Drizz makes a comeback with new single “It’s Ya Birthday” that is already buzzing in the industry.

Born Juanito Ortiz of New Haven, Connecticut, he would move from simply being in the streets to making music for the streets under the alias Bodayga Drizz. His stage name combines his childhood nickname Drizze and Bodayga which he was called due to being a hustler able to sell anything for a profit. That hustler mentality has transitioned into his music career, granting him the versatility to create hits whether being hood-inspired, positive raps, party vibes, or for the females.

With his East Coast trap style being influenced by artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, The Lox, J Cole, Lil Wayne, and Big Pun among others, Bodayga Drizz has built up a loyal following. His songs would be heard in his hometown and state on radio stations like 94.3 and hot 93.7, but Bodayga Drizz would take a step back from the music scene. After a hiatus for a few years, he has made a triumphant return with his new single “It’s Ya Birthday.”

The track came about as a song created to celebrate his birthday and the many others turning up for another year of life. “It’s Ya Birthday” has an afro type of vibe with Bodayga Drizz flowing over the beat like butter delivering catchy melodies and dope lyrics. It’s like a trance that takes control over the listener, steering their body to move with the rhythm.

Bodayga Drizz has come from the streets, enduring prison time, to return with a banger and birthday sensation. Fans have waited eagerly for this moment and have thus far only expressed compliments for the new single. Join in the celebration and stream “It’s Ya Birthday.”
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