Breadwinner Kane Back To The Money With “POPIN FA SOMIN”

Breadwinner Kane is still winning and he’s back to prove something in 2020

When I think of an artist working and striving hard against all odds, one of the artists that comes to mind is Alabama’s, Breadwinner Kane. 

We have watched Kane grow from an independent label CEO with ties to major rappers in the South like Juvenile, the late Doe.B, Montana Da Mac, and then there’s Kevin Gates. 

But it was the latter who brought change and transition to Kane in 2013. It was during this time that he was named Breadwinner Kane by Gates, and he went from a young street CEO to a working rapper, overnight.

He and Gates performed together, made a few songs (“My N##### On, Childhood,” “Motion” and “While She Talkin”) together and everything looked like one big, happy family under the BWA or Bread Winner Association regime. 

But after Gates was convicted in 2016 and 2017, Kane was left to carry his own weight, without the help from the BWA family or Gates who didn’t come home until January 2018.

Breadwinner Kane still has love for Gates and he holds no grudges at all. He says, “we from the streets and f##k this rap s###, you never cross the streets, he will always be my brother, no matter what.”

Since then, Breadwinner Kane has traveled to Europe and Africa and discovered a whole new throng of fans and endorsements, which brings us to the present, where he has over 250,000 fans on IG. 

He’s performed over in Africa with major artists in Ghana and Nigeria, owns a clothing store, a night club, a sneaker endorsement, and other merchandise that bears his name and likeness.

Now he’s dropping his first album called “Street Certifed” this Spring/Summer and the first single, “POPIN FA SOMIN” is the lead single. 

He also has another single called “Shooters” with another Baton Rouge legend, Boosie Bad Azz, in the chamber, to drop back to back. 

In a new partnership with the Para Music Group, Breadwinner Kane is poppin and he’s still making major moves. So one thing that hasn’t changed since day one, Breadwinner Kane is still winning bread.