C-Mack’s New Album “Rose Colored Lens” Is As Real As It Is Beautiful

C Mack

C-Mack is making hip hop great again with his new body of work creatively titled, “Rose Colored Lens.”

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Charlie Makoa has called other places home, including Delaware, Salisbury, Maryland, and the Eastern Shore. All have impacted his life and led him to become the lyricist and flow-bending artist known globally as, C-Mack. 

His craft is unique, holding a particular introspective view that creates portraits of his life through his wordplay and dynamic sound. Ever evolving and growing, he has added a new talent to his music that gives fans a glimpse of his versatility as an RnB artist. 

All in all, his music is relatable and influences his fans, just as peers like his day one brother, friend, and favorite artist, Slimeyy Tana, has impacted him.

C-Mack’s hard work and talent have helped him achieve milestones like surpassing 100K streams on his project, “Lightning in a Bottle,” but that is only one of his accomplishments. 

More than an artist, C-Mack is an activist in his own right. He is part of the collective responsible for a non-profit organization, The Mizzlehouse Foundation, which dedicates itself to spreading culture to the Eastern Shore and beyond. 

Through The Mizzlehouse Foundation, C-Mack has raised over $250,000 to benefit his community and hosts events like his staple festival, MizzleFest, which is projecting an attendance of 3000 plus patrons in its 3rd year.

While helping uplift and better the lives of others, C-Mack has still been hard at work recording his new album, Rose Colored Lens, which is in stores and streaming on all platforms. 

The project takes on many forms, giving fans a taste of our “Rose Colored” optimism before removing the “glasses” and revealing the dark unfiltered reality of life at its core.

Show some love and support for the genius that is C-Mack, and stream his new album to connect with the troubled yet talented artist.

Magnet link: https://www.catapultdistribution.com/magnet/C-Mack/Rose-Colored-Lens

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGs9HxjMWG9bRlWiW7l2ROw

Facebook: C-Mack 

IG and Twitter: @CMackMizzle

TikTok: @TheMizzler