C6merxn Just Might Be the Artist To Bring a New Vibe to the Rap Game

Unique in his artistry, c6merxn is having fun making the music that got him through rough times throughout his life.

Cameron aka c6merxn is the rapper and producer coming up in the music industry. With influences like Lil Uzi Vert, he embodies a style that is unique and expressive to him. c6merxn got into recording music as a way to escape from his sometimes depressing reality. It was a therapeutic getaway from the insecurities and doubts plaguing his mind. That zone where everything went away producing or recording tracks, paved the way for his future as an artist.

c6merxn has since been on the path to building his fanbase and getting his voice and musical style to the world. His mission is to remain consistent with releases and has been keeping up with his hectic schedule on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. The method to his madness came with rewards, blowing up his single “DOORDASH” pass 50,000 streams on Spotify alone. The track served as the prequel to his mixtape, “TRAP” which is now available on all platforms.

As of right now, c6merxn is already working on his upcoming self-titled debut album, “c6merxn” rumored to be dropping in November, and has plans to release an instrumental-only album to showcase his skills as a producer. Music has really been a beacon of light for the upcoming artist, taking him from a place of darkness to enjoying all that life has to offer. c6merxn intends to use its rising buzz and social media marketing expertise to help new artists kick-start their careers and be discovered by the mainstream market. With his career growing, c6merxn is heading in the direction of making those dreams a reality.