Chicago’s Calboy Returns “Unchained” With “On My Own” Video


Calboy who recently released his new single “On My Own” on July 28 off his forthcoming album project Unchained has amassed 2 billion global streams,

Calboy released his new single, “On My Own,” on July 28, which is taken from his forthcoming album project, Unchained.

Boasting more than 2 billion streams, the Chicago rapper has achieved much in a short span of time—from hitting Billboard’s Hot 100 chart to earning a triple-platinum certifications. Now, he’s back with an independently released video.

“Since I was a kid, I told my family I was the golden one,” he raps in the song. “I recognized my gift early and I figured out the rest despite my circumstances/I’m truly chosen for this/I’m a warrior.”

Hailing from Chicago’s historically troubled Southside, Calboy grew up in an impoverished, often violent neighborhood. But instead of succumbing to the danger and crime prevalent in the area, he embraced music as an outlet, a therapeutic way to express his feelings. For at least a decade, the 24-year-old has been crafting unique raps and delivering emotional sonic rides that help redefine the soundtrack of the streets.