Cardi B and Offset Partner up with HighKey Clout for Massive Giveaways

HighKey Clout has just launched a major giveaway with Cardi B who will be gifting four Dior bags and 3 imacs to seven people.

HighKey Clout is a popular name in the entertainment and music industries helping various brands market their products/ services and grow their reach through social media contests. In the last 24 months, HighKey Clout has given away over $2 million in cash and prizes, making them the #1 US celebrity giveaway company. They have worked with notable names, such as Kevin Hart, Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, and most recently, famous rapper Cardi B and her partner Offset.

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years as various brands leverage the huge network built by the different influencers to grow their reach, explains the Lintz brothers. However, they note that your approach and strategies used are what will partly determine the success of your campaign.

HighKey Clout has just launched a major giveaway with Cardi B who will be gifting four Dior bags and 3 imacs to seven people. According to Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz, the founders of HighKey Clout, a contest ran on Cardi B’s Instagram page and another giveaway will run on Offset’s Instagram page, and the winners will be announced on their official Instagram account.

In this campaign, HighKey Clout has partnered with Offset to help reach a wider audience. The Lintz brothers explain that bringing Offset on board will boost their engagement and diversify their reach, ensuring that they reach their goals. Offset will be doing a giveaway on May 3rd.

To participate in Offset’s contests, you just have to follow HighKey Clout on Instagram. All of HighKey’s and the celebrity’s followers are able to enter these massive giveaways simply by following everyone @highkeyclout is following. This allows each person a fair chance at entering these giveaways and also allows HighKey to sell sponsorship spots in the giveaways who will in turn gain a lot of awareness.

HighKey Clout follows around 100 people on Instagram, so it will not take a lot of time. You can then tag your friends on both Offset’s and HighKey Clout’s pages, which will ensure that you qualify for the final draw. HighKey Clout is also giving a bonus entry to people who share the post on their Instagram story and tag them.

In a world where social media has become a vital tool for success, HighKey Clout is leveraging its network to help business owners boost their engagement and increase their sales through these giveaways. Their unique approach and ability to bring influencers, fans, and clients together are giving them an upper hand and making sure their campaigns are a success.

The Lintz brothers explain that their goal with this giveaway is to support their followers as they assist other influencers. They are using their personal platforms to share their journey and show everyone that it is possible to realize your dreams with hard work and determination.

In addition to the giveaways with Cardi B and Offset, HighKey Clout is working on other projects. The team explains that their goal is to expand their brand by partnering up with other A-list celebrities. HighKey Clout is also looking to have its campaigns and giveaways on other social platforms besides Instagram.

The team at HighKey Clout envisions partnering with many A-list celebrities in the future. Even if giveaways on Instagram stop performing, the giveaway model will simply change platforms and continue being successful.

For more information on their most recent giveaway, in which they have partnered with Offset, you can check out their Instagram.