Chelly Flame Drops Anthem with Latest Single / Video “Fasho Fasho”

Directed by GT Films, the video for “Fasho Fasho” shows Chelly as confident and glamorous as ever.

With the release of her latest single, Chelly Flame is prepared to take her career to new heights. In her nascent career, she has received praise and acclaim from editorials like Atlanta Magazine and HipHopDX, which recognized her palpable star power and scorching hot persona. Although she has only released a handful of tracks, she pens her rhymes with the expertise of a savvy veteran, putting her talent on full display. Now, on her new single, “Fasho Fasho,” Chelly proves that she’s here to stay.

As she raps over Rage Santana’s minimalist production, which includes hard-hitting drums and sparse melodies, Chelly delivers an anthem-like hook, bouncing between boastful lyrics and whispers of the song’s title, “Fasho Fasho.” She creates a captivating back-and-forth during the hook, which feels like a dynamic call-and-response pattern. Chelly stays in pocket throughout the track, gliding from the hook into one of her strongest verses to date. The strength of the hook and verse speaks volumes to Chelly’s evolution as an artist: she recognizes the value of simplicity, then pairs that with her keen sense for song structure to deliver a track that separates her from the surplus of talent in the rap game. 

Directed by GT Films, the video for “Fasho Fasho” shows Chelly as confident and glamorous as ever. The visuals aptly fit the song’s message and content, as Chelly’s self-determination manifests itself in her proclamation that she’s one of the hottest emerging artists in rap. Designer outfits, strobe lights, and glossy make-up create a vibrant, eye-catching aesthetic that meshes perfectly with the track: together they balance excess and minimalism, simplicity and intricacy.

Chelly can be the driving force on any record; her glamorous style and natural confidence are apparent to the eye, but her lyricism and delivery are alluring on their own. Between her image and ability to create great music, Chelly has the keys to be rap’s next superstar.

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