Chelly Flame Teams Up with Spinabenz on Her Latest Single, “Red Shirt”

“Red Shirt” premieres with a music video that brings the song to life, as Chelly and Spinabenz captivate their viewers.

After delivering her successful debut track as a Babygrande Records artist earlier this year, Chelly Flame returns with her follow-up single titled, “Red Shirt.” The Guap God Kraft-produced track sees Chelly and Spinabenz trade-off fiery verses over a hard-hitting trap beat. Chelly kicks things off with a raucous verse before filtering into Spinabenz’s section, and he picks up with the same intensity and energy that Chelly left off with. 

Alongside Spinabenz, Chelly puts on a special performance on her sophomore single with Babygrande Records. She’s not backing down from the moment; if anything, a feature from a high-profile artist like Spinabenz has motivated her even more. Earlier this year, Spinabenz made plenty of noise with his track, “Who I Smoke,” which went viral and significantly boosted his following. He’s an artist who does not move quietly: he’s very active on social media and has created plenty of buzz with his music. 

“Red Shirt” premieres with a music video that brings the song to life, as Chelly and Spinabenz captivate their viewers. Directed by MontanaShotYa, Chelly puts forth an image that mirrors her ability on the mic – she always appears composed and charismatic. Chelly can compete with any rapper in today’s game: her wordplay is nothing short of elite-level and she packages each bar with impressive confidence. 

It’s not often that a new artist emerges with such a commanding grip on their sound and style, but Chelly Flame has done exactly that. She stands out among the surplus of talent in the rap game, delivering her lyrics with the expertise of a savvy veteran. Between her debut single, “Big Flame,” and her new track, “Red Shirt,” Chelly is proving to fans and listeners that she’s here to stay. 

Watch the video for “Red Shirt” now:


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