Chicago’s Mello Spazzout Looking To Make a Splash

Mello holds firmly that “there is no cap to my rap.

Mello Spazzout, a 30-year-old rapper, and hip-hop artist grew up on Chicago’s Westside. He recently began his journey in music, rapping on his block and messing around with friends. However, the death of his older brother sparked his transition to getting into the studio. He explained that the studio became an outlet to express his pain. Mello Spazzout now raps with his little brother and his little cousin. The difficulties of growing up on Chicago’s Westside have shaped Mello Spazzout into the person he is and the music he makes.

Losing family to the streets and surviving gun violence are just a few of the challenges. He explained how he hopes audiences will feel the pain he has been through, what life was like in the streets, and how hard it is to survive. The artist revealed that he has new music on the way, featuring Pronto Spazzout and will be called “Cold World.” It is about his life, struggles, and pain. Mello holds firmly that “there is no cap to my rap. I am really out here in the field, and I really came from the streets.” As the new artist grows, he is planning the release of much more music and the come up of his brand, Spazzout Entertainment.

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