CloutBoy Drops New Mixtape ‘3 Child’


CloutBoy reps South Vegas

Take a listen as we get a new mixtape from South Vegas rapper CloutBoy, born Corleone Tuggle, who hails from Foote Homes. Picking up making music in the studio with Gotti, Cloutboy draws inspiration from Lil Uzi Vert and NBA Youngboy who he watched as he developed his own sound.

“I don’t love music, well I don’t think I do. I like listening to it doe. I make music cause it’s away you can send a message out to everybody at once and get paid for it!!” CloutBoy explained about his passion for music.

Over the next few months, CloutBoy plans to release more music, but most importantly he’s looking to, “grow as a man, get smarter and stay out of trouble.”