ColFax- “We Love” Ft. Marquel Deljuan Video

ColFax releases latest single “We Love.”

Independent artist ColFax is an musician that discusses racism, politics, love, heartbreak, violence, and mental health, within his music.

As an artist who has performed many live shows, ColFax has opened for artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Talib Kweli, and Yo Gotti.

With his music, ColFax wants to show the world that it’s okay to be vulnerable as well as confident with yourself, and you should never be ashamed to be yourself.

ColFax recently dropped his newest single “We Love.” The single is definitely a vibe so be sure to check it out on all streaming services! Get to know ColFax below!

Colfax on the beginning of his career: 

I started making music when I was 15. I didn’t take it seriously until I was 19. When I initially arrived in Phoenix, I met one of my close friends Marquel and that was around 15 years old. He also made music and we kind of just clicked from that point. We used to give each other homework assignments to make different types of music. We always pushed ourselves and would go from making a song without cursing, writing strictly hooks, songs structured with a chorus, etc. His father was Iroc Daniels who worked with a number of people in the industry from DJ Quik, 2 Chainz, Corey Gunz, etc. Being around Marquel and Iroc growing up, it really put things into perspective for me that being an artist wasn’t too far fetched. Not because of his status, but being able to see someone else do it and make a career out of it. It wasn’t necessarily “impossible”. I genuinely love creating content. I started to get a response on my music via soundcloud and I had released my first project, ‘Mile High State of Mind’ which got a lot more traction than I expected. At that point I was already in a relationship with music as I was creating content but after that I fell in love and I’m still working now to pursue my passion.

In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

My relatability and my blunt perspective on Society. The black and white, the grey lines, playing the devils advocate, etc.

Have you been compared to other artists? If so, who?

J cole, Kendrick, Joey bada$$

What are you most known for? What got you noticed?

My lyricism punchlines metaphors storytelling and honesty

Have you performed and/or participated in any talent shows and/or television shows?

Ghostface Killa & Sheek Louch 2012, Yo Gotti 2012, Elzhi 2013, Freddie Gibbs 2018 SoulyHad 2019. I’ve also opened up a few other shows in AZ.

How many albums/EPs have you released to date?

Mile High State of Mind (06/19/2016)
Dying Just to Make a Living (06/20/2019
303 & Heartbreak (02/13/2020)

What is next for you?

More music, more visuals, more meaningful content, just expect more and better.

Connect with ColFax:

Instagram: Datsfax

YouTube: ColFax