Controversial Artwork Stems Interest For Upcoming Artist Evan Barlow – Stream “Fabrics”

Evan Barlow and Big Boy Epic Fest


Evan Barlow FabricsThere aren’t many independent artists competing on this level however, stumbled across this socially conscious artist on the rise while in LA for the Epic Fest and decided to support his movement.

Evan Barlow has been making some noise on the market with music alongside, Beyonce’s cousin Shanica Knowles on there record “Window” as seen on as well as being seen in the mix with Machine Gun Kelly, Big Boy, Trinidad James and several other artists.

Evan releases his highly anticipated new mixtape “FABRICS,” much to the delight of his ever-increasing fan base.

The Richmond-bred rapper and recovering drug addict boldly wields his undeniable talents to shed light on the struggle, despair and ultimate victory over drug addiction, while advocating for everyone’s freedom of choice to live a better life and become the best version of themselves, despite what society may tell them.

“We named my upcoming project ‘FABRICS,’ because fabrics, distinct from textile materials are the basic structure of something, and for my project I chose not to be limited to an ideology that my music had to fit a certain format or sound,” Evan explains. “So music in general was the basic structure of this project, not the format of the music.”

The East Coast artist says his fans can expect an unexpected sound on this body of work.

“What makes ‘FABRICS’ unique is the genre-crossing. We have straight up Hip-Hop tracks transitioning into alternative tracks, raw rapping, then melodic singing. The song ‘Left Hand Jump’ has an Alt-J, mixed with a House of Pain sample, underlined by Nirvana. That’s unique in itself,” the rising star explained.

Evan worked with an incredible group of artists to bring “FABRICS” to life, including the talented producer Bink (Kanye West, Jay Z), the phenomenal Pop Wansel Producers Some Randoms, Chally who is signed to Timbaland, Macklemore’shorn players Greg Kramer and Ouwor Arunga, as well as Andrew Hypes, Will Perry and more.

“A lot of key people here. Also, just the fact we did what we weren’t supposed to and risked being washed out with the people who have no image. The whole point of ‘Fabrics’ was to not have an image. We wanted to see how far we could run with not sticking to one genre,” Evan unveils.

The Richmond, Virginia native has creatively coined his unique sound “the music of the day after tomorrow” and is known for effortlessly blending genres such as Rock, Pop, Alternative and Hip-Hop for a signature result that resounds with a millennial age.

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