Daniyel Unveils New Single “IT’S OK”


Check out this brand new single “IT’S OK” by rising rapper Daniyel.

Daniyel is only 19-years-old and he is already living out his dreams. Hailing from Portland but now based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter creates music inspired by real-life experiences, wearing his heart on his sleeve with each release. 

Nicknamed The Kosher Boy due to his half-Jewish heritage, his Kosher tattoo represents both real and authentic.

Now, he returns with the official music video for “IT’S OKAY,” released via CORTAN Records/EMPIRE. The uplifting record gives hope to the masses that no matter what happens in life, in the end, we will all be okay! 

Inspired directly by his friend Andy’s ukulele chords, Daniyel proceeded to jump in the booth and freestyle the lyrics.

So what exactly influenced “IT’S OK”? Bob Marley’s timeless hit “Three Little Birds.” 

Speaking on the making of the record, Daniyel states, “Me and my friends were kicking it in the studio one night, and my boy Andy started playing these ukulele chords, I hopped straight in the booth and started freestyling these lyrics. When we go to the studio, we record everything. We uploaded that session at 9 pm and the next morning, it went viral on TikTok. This song truly makes me feel like no matter what is going on in my life, it will be okay.”

While he usually spends a lot of time writing treatments for his videos, for this particular video he just wants the feeling that everything will be okay.