Dank & Zone Return With “Picture Me Swervin'”


Everyone brace yourself as HeavyGame.biz recording artists Dank &
are coming hard with a new single “Picture Me Swervin'”. They have
been working overtime as of lately, including video production, recording
sessions at Patchwerk Studios, and hand-to-hand promotion.

However, all that pales in comparison to this new HGP (Heavy Game Players) flavor hitting the airwaves. “Picture Me Swervin'” was produced by Dank/NAzz “THE HITMAKER”.

Heavygame.biz is an indie label focused predominantly on Hip Hop, R&B, and
urban signings. Despite only having a 9 artist roster, they choose their talent
well. Dank & Poppy Khan have been carrying the label for sometime as some of the label’s first signees.

HGBiz Records was founded in 1989 by Sterlon “Boonce” Robinson and is now
an imprint of www.heavygame.biz. Sterlon is still an integral part of the
label, and Heavy Game is inspiring artists to grind it out on the path to success with their new “GoReallaGrind” T-shirt & their new single releases.

They have put out amazing singles this year that have earned them a place
on the list. www.HeavyGame.biz was also responsible for Suga B, Keilow, C.
Carter, Fly Donnie, OG 2 Tone, Juice 5, and Zone’s new debut albums.

Take a listen to “Picture Me Swervin'” below!