Davonyea Marcel- ‘N.A.W.’

Davonyea’s latest project ‘N.A.W’ will inarguably become a fan favorite

A precise recipe of talent, linguistics, and determination is required to make a mark on Hip-Hop today. Southern California native, Davonyea Marcel, continues to pave his own lane while flexing his lyrical prowess and creating melodic, hypnotic, G-Funk-inspired sounds. Marcel cites influence from artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Eric Bellinger, and DJ Battlecat. Rising above the norm, Davonyea continues to be known in the Hip-Hop and R&B world, while also crossing over into the electronic dance world. The upcoming single “N.A.W.” takes a brutally honest look at the way women are treated in today’s society, as he pairs euphonious rhyme deliveries with melodious chords. With over 3 million digital streams to date, Davonyea is releasing a unique repertoire, as he continues to establish himself in the music industry. Marcel’s innate vocal delivery and vernacular command immediate respect and incentivizes intrigue. The California native has a talent that hasn’t gone unnoticed, and one that speaks to why some of the most prolific producers in music are tapping his line, ready to create magic in the studio. With a plethora of unreleased records, including a major collaboration, Mr. Marcel is anticipated to have a thriving 2021. “N.A.W.” will be released March 12, 2021.