Def Jam Legend’s Son Starts Rap Career

Could Def Jam Have A Legacy Act?

As you know, Def Jam is full of legends from Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Onyx. On the other side there are the likes of Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen and Rick Rubin. And then there are people like Bill Adler, the legendary publicist, historian, author and more.

AllHipHop just got the following note:

I’d like to share some news about my son and his pals. They’ve formed a rap group called Pen Ultimate. Its members are Sam Adler [p/k/a Bacon Bear], Jackson Yates [p/k/a Red Flag], and Will Neal [p/k/a Will Scrillz]. Their brand-new album is called “Album: the Mixtape.”

Sooooooo…Adler has a son that raps? Who knew? Not a shocker though. Some stuff is just in the blood. Check out “Album: The Mixtape.” The mixtape is a fun-loving version of New York Hip-Hop…so don’t go looking for Joey Bada$$ or Mobb Deep rap!