Dennis Driftmeyer is Bringing the Soul Back to Music

Dennis Driftmeyer’s latest project focuses on music that has a mix of afro beats and soul music.

Dennis Driftmeyer is taking over the music industry with his musical talent. He is from Boston, Massachusetts, and has been creating music ever since he was a young man. His music career began when his mother signed him up for choir in the 4th grade. This experience fuelled his passion for music and has been the driving force of his life ever since. Dennis focuses on creating music that is funky, soulful, and inspiring. 

He is currently an independent artist who writes and produces all the music he releases. He is extremely intricate with his work and only releases the finest quality. Dennis utilizes his life experience thus far as the cornerstone for the lyrics and energy behind his music. The way his beats blast through the speakers leaves all who listen, upbeat and ready to have a good time. It is Dennis Driftmeyer’s goal to not only leave people in a good mood but to inspire the next future generations of musicians. He wants them to know that anything is possible. With a healthy work ethic and passion behind what you do, all is possible. 

As for the next project he has yet to set a release date but anticipates that it will be completed in the early months of 2022. His latest project focuses on music that has a mix of afro beats and soul music. He intends for all that listening to it will feel like wanting to live life to its fullest and being comfortable in their own skin. Be sure to check out Dennis Driftmeyer on Spotify as he looks to crush the next endeavor of his already lustrous career.