How Diljit Dosanjh & Tory Lanez’s “Chauffeur” Gives “Fusion Hip Hop” A Chance

Tory Lanez and Diljit Dosanjh

Check out this new track from Diljit Dosanjh and Tory Lanez called “Chauffeur.” Take a listen!

As far as “Fusion” or “East-Meets-West” Hip Hop goes, this unique international collaboration between Rapper Tory Lanez and Punjabi Superstar Diljit Dosanjh is a definite beacon in the global hip hop movement right now. Everything about this collab is revitalizing, and refreshing to my ears. It reminds me that Hip Hop really exists beyond borders, and in all languages. 

The unexpected duo have officially released their new single and music video “Chauffeur” with Warner Music India and multi-platinum Canadian music producer Ikky. The record is expected to chart major numbers across all streaming platforms due to its international likeability. 

Globalizing music means relating to all types of diverse audiences, and Rukus Avenue Radio, the track’s official digital radio/podcast and media partner, is making sure the world understands what this tune really means for the South Asian diaspora.

“Diljit’s collaboration with Tory is transformative in that it really captures the true essence of the two collaborating genres,” says Sammy Chand, Founder of Rukus Avenue Music Group.  “You don’t hear any compromise in the marriage of Hip Hop and Bhangra, and that is what makes this a special moment in international music.” 

The “Chauffeur” music video has already hit a record 30 million YouTube views in just under three weeks. “This song and video will have a BILLION VIEWS !!!!! NO CAP S/O to the GOAT Diljit Dosanjh,” Lanez posted on the gram during his week of promos.

 “Fusion” or “East-Meets-West” Hip Hop has an opportunity to bridge the gap between countries, and cultures. More artists need to follow the lead, for the sake of connecting people through music, especially hip hop on an international level, and I’m here for it!