DJ and Producer Zillamatic Takes the Miami Music Scene by Storm

As he continues to grow, Zillamatic is changing how people view Miami nightlife.

Miami is a hub for great music and is home to thousands of incredible talents, including renowned DJ and producer Zillamatic. Zillamatic, popularly known as Zilla, is a top name in the Miami music scene, with his work gaining massive recognition in and out of the state.

He has played alongside some top names in the global music scene, including G-Eazy, Tory Lanez, and Meduza. Zillamatic is also a trusted name in the hospitality and nightlife industries, with his unique style of music setting him apart.

Zilla has performed in top clubs in Dallas and Miami, such as Bottled Blonde, Citizen, Green Light Social, and many others. He says his goal as both a DJ and producer is to create inspiring and entertaining music that will positively impact his audience and elevate their nightlife experience.

“Music has always been part of my life and has helped me through some of the darkest moments. As it is one of the few things in the world that transcends all distances, I want to use music to help other people, spread positivity, and create a vibrant community,” says Zillamatic.

Zillamatic uses his platform to help and guide up-and-coming DJs while sharing his story with the rest of the world. He has started a consulting company, Adept Music, that assists DJs in staying connected in the music world and getting gigs easily.

“Following your dreams is probably one of the hardest things as countless obstacles can make the journey tiresome,” says Zillamatic. “Even so, you shouldn’t let that stop you from attaining your goals.”

To reach his dreams, Zillamatic has had to make a lot of sacrifices and overcome various obstacles. He notes that when he started his journey in the industry, many didn’t believe in his abilities and thought he couldn’t make a successful career out of his passion. But Zilla did not let their opinions dictate his future.

He took a huge risk and followed his passion, starting his journey in the music industry. Zillamatic began as a bedroom producer, making short mixes that he notes were heavily influenced by Skrillex and the dubstep movement of the time. Through hard work and dedication, his skills also improved, and within no time, he was playing in clubs around Dallas.

Zillamatic did this for a while before moving to Miami, where he has now identified his place. He is currently the director of music at Bottled Blonde Miami and is trusted by the largest names in the hospitality industry, such as Eatz Hospitality (Moxies USA) and Harwood International.

His unique style of music and diversity in his mixes have earned him a top spot in the Miami music scene. Zillamatic has shared the stage with Snakehips and James Hype, with his shows packed to capacity. His music is on both Spotify and Apple Music, with thousands of streams.

As he continues to grow, Zillamatic is changing how people view Miami nightlife. He says he is working on a new project that is set to release this summer.