DJ King Assassin Presents: "What Would Pac Do" Ft. Kokane, Joe Young, Big Hutch (Above The Law) & Tupac

Kokane, Joe Young & Big Hutch Collab For “What Would Pac Do?”

Right in time for the Tupac Shakur exhibit to open at Grammy Museum, his longtime friend and producer DJ King Assassin put together a project for all the Tupac fans and fans of good music period titled “The Way He Wanted It”. The project will feature released and unreleased material by the late great Tupac Shakur. The first song to drop from the tape is called “What Would Pac Do” which features Pac’s friend and collabo partner OG Kokane as well as another good friend of the late Great Shakur, Westcoast Legend and 1/3 of the group Above The Law OG Big Hutch. The song also features another unexpected guest, rapper Joe Young from Germany. Joe Young was recruited by OG Kokane as well as DJ King Assassin. “We wanted to have an International point of view on the current situation thats going on worldwide so we just thought Joe would fit the record perfectly and Joe’s work ethic is undeniable” OG Kokane expressed. Also get the new Kokane single “Halla” on Itunes right now.