DJ Skee Announces New Beyonce Track & Rihanna Album Coming Soon

Yes……we’re for real. New Beyonce and Rihanna news

So this is the first time that big Rihanna and Beyonce music news was dropped without the internet immediately breaking. During today’s weekend update, DJ Skee announced news that Rihanna may be releasing a new album to end the fourth quarter of the year. Skee says that last week, the “Pour It Up” star played 10 new records for label executives at a secret location in NYC, and that one of the new singles to look out for from Rihanna was titled “I’ve Been Searching for Something to Ignite Me When I’m Alone.”

On the same update, DJ Skee also announced that we may be hearing a new Beyonce single as close as next week. The new single would be similar to “Partition”, mixing up R&B with, what Skee calls, “Ratchetesque” music.

Check out the DJ Skee’s update below, and tell us what you think about the big news.