DJ True Justice & Sinestro Drop A Grown-Up Gem, “The Way You Are”

Check Out A Feel Good Hip-Hop Jam!

Bay Area-based DJ True Justice is bringing back warm party jams and positive vibes with the first single and video from his forthcoming album, The Man of Steel, available globally May 20, 2016.

Along with Bay Area-based rapper Sinestro, the single, “The Way You Are,” taps into the relationship politics that all-too-often define many couple’s interactions:

“…the fact we can’t be is proof it ain’t me
So I can let it go, agree to disagree
It’s hard to let go, even when you should
‘Cause we are what we are and what I am is good
So stay how you are, we just wasn’t a match
We was twelve rounds deep, but here’s the catch…”
– Sinestro, “The Way You Are”

Check out the video: