Drego and Beno – Meet is Outer Space

Detroit Super Duo Drego and Beno flex 15 new tracks on the highly anticipated “Meet Is Outer Space”

“Meet Us Outer Space” was created by Drego and Beno to get listeners lifted on life and take them higher, as in bringing them into their altered reality where troubles don’t exist. 

As products of the hood, Drego and Beno make music that speaks of their reality, which is reaching the marginalized outsiders, the individuals who remain trapped in the struggle.

Featuring production from Jetson (Dababy “Suge”), Damedot, Poohbeats, Drego, Jose da Plug, and Trauma Tone Drego and Beno and hopped in “another bag” sonically trying out some melodies and auto tune while still sticking with they’re signature back and forth bar for bar slimed out Bravado.  

Drego and Beno aspire to be the voice of their era that shines light on the pain, while also exposing the pleasure of what belief in one’s self looks like. 

 Meet Us Outer Space is available on all streaming platforms via TF Circle ENT/Empire.