Driicky Graham – “My Way (Remix)”


Driicky Graham gained notoriety for his widely popular hit “Snapbacks and Tattoos” in 2012. With a few years passing since, Driicky has had time to further himself as an artist and he’s looking to reestablish his footing in the game.

For Graham’s latest release, he tackles Fetty Wap’s buzzing single “My Way” and turns it into his own. As far as Fetty Wap is concerned, Graham had this to say about the New Jersey rapper:

“You know, I was happy for Fetty when his first single blew up. I was on some Jersey pride thing,” Driick explains when asked what inspired his “My Way” remix, “But what he said in that Angie Interview, about not knowing Jay Z or Nas’ music…that ain’t Jersey. Either he’s never listened to a hip-hop station anywhere ever or he was just on some, ‘Im too cool for you ish that day.” (Referring to Fetty Wap’s much criticized interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1)

Something has Driicky motivated as of late and it gets transposed to his latest work. Driicky has also been on a feverish writing binge and hitting the studio hard, so expect more content much sooner than later.