Drill Rapper Gio Basha Reminds Us of a Villain from Gotham City

Gio Basha’s music is taking off and Gio Basha’s fan base is growing rapidly.

Musician Gio Basha is no stranger to controversy. The rumors surrounding his name over the years have made him somewhat of a mythological figure on the streets of New York but overseas and abroad; Basha is known more for his artwork and aggressive gangster rap. The untold story of Gio Basha however is far more intriguing. That is, his ability to erase a story and make unfavorable situations disappear. Some major financial scandals pertaining to Basha’s company have been swept under the rug recently and kept out of the U.S. media. Many have speculated as to why, with some wondering if Basha’s political and masonic connections play a part. 

Now I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I intend to make any negative claims about Gio Basha. I do have compelling reasons to believe that Basha knows very powerful people who can make big stories go away. Now even if that is true, that doesn’t necessarily make Basha a bad person and it has nothing to do with his music. As a rapper, Gio Basha has one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard. When I listen to a Basha song, I am instantly transported to my youth, to the days of Tupac and Biggie, when gangster rap dominated the airwaves. His music is a mixture of old school and new school, with a Basha twist. That said, I haven’t heard a Gio Basha song I haven’t liked. Another interesting but curious thing about Basha is his long list of friends and acquaintances. 

People who would otherwise have no connection whatsoever are connected through Basha. For example, Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko bought a small yacht from Basha in 2018. At the same time Gamal Mubarak, the son of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was said to have purchased a $125,000.00 ‘Ashera cat’ from him. This might seem ordinary enough until you learn that Basha has been accused of money laundering with corrupt politicians, like Kosovo’s “Azem Syla” or Albanian politician “Alqi Bllako” and even Bosnian Intelligence Chief “Osman Mehmedagic” was named alongside Basha’s in an investigation pertaining to stolen artworks in Italy. A long list of interesting people Basha is somehow connected to.

Even his best friend from childhood, media consultant ‘Kelvin Lupertazzi’ has had his fair share of controversies surrounding his company and business dealings in Japan. Apparently, both Basha and Lupertazzi illegally sold and purchased properties from ‘Kunio Inoue’ in 2019 (a former associate of Kenichi Shinoda). However, Basha’s lawyers have stated, that these claims are unsubstantiated and such slanderous allegations are nothing more than a smear campaign against Basha aimed at criminalizing his image. The truth is, Basha is focused on his music and upcoming documentary. He doesn’t pay any mind to the innuendo of negative publicity.

Still, the lack of publicity is what we find most alarming. So why does Basha get the special treatment? Unless of course, the media is being persuaded to stay away from the topic by some other means. Either way, his music is taking off and Gio Basha’s fan base is growing rapidly. I am personally very excited and I can’t wait for his new music. I believe he is a musician with an authenticity that is unparalleled. He’s exactly what hip-hop needs right now.