Fidel Kastro Taps Blac Papi In New Visual For “Me & My Dog”

Check out this joint from Norristown, PA repper Fidel Ka$tro!

Born in Philadelphia, PA but raised on the west side of Norristown, Fidel Ka$tro is a 29-year-old recording artist/CEO of Globally Hard Ent. and Military Trap Clothing.

From catching cases, ripping and running the streets in high school, Fidel Ka$tro and the majority of his friends were raised by single mothers, so basically they raised themselves out in those streets.

Fidel’s upbringing plays directly into his newest release, “Me N My Dog,” as Fidel taps childhood friend Blac Papi with a standout feature on the track.

Both come from unstable environments and both carry a passion to win no matter what it takes — even during a pandemic.

The line “I’m rocking till the wheels falls off” is what influenced both Fidel and Papi to create this song.

Fidel states, “I want people to know during these times now, it’s hard to find genuine friends or people, so cherish the ones who are still in your life.”

He continues, “Me and my Dog came from nothing, now we doing what we want.”