FRESH HEAT – Qualmes – "StankaKILLaFornia" [P###. By DannyDee]


Cali word flipper Qualmes drops his project StankaKILLAFornia, via Soundcloud.  The project is an instant gem as Qualmes and the team have dug deep to give you that raw.  Fans of Twista and Bone will dig this project  as Qualmes shows his ability to fill his verses with a ton of words not wasting any time with gaps and basic overdubs. His words are backed by raw emotion as you can hear on the title track “StankaKILLAFornia.”

Says Qualmes, “We as humans go through a cycle of emotions & stages that’s why I never re create the same song. I can’t give you something I made a year before again hell not even a week ago because I’m constantly growing & changing. This is where I spent the last year this is where I’ve mentally lived everyday in StankaKILLaFornia. The project takes you through every 5th of Hennessy & raw paper I consumed.  Now I give it to the world as a new destination to visit & soak in.”