FRESH HEAT: Z-Ro Supports Incarcerated With Guest Feature For Kay Jay


Z-Ro has always been one to support the struggle so when Kay Jay approached Z-Ro for a feature on the track “Hater Maker” he obliged and laced up a Texas banger dedicated to those that are incarcerated. The song was written before Kay Jay got out of jail when he had no access to radio as you can see in the quote below. In a sense its a message for those that are incarcerated to never give up on their dreams. Press play below:

“Hater Maker is a track that was written 7 years ago in TDC on a steel table with no access to a radio… Got the idea for the song imagining how life was going to be for me when i got out and got on my grind… everything i talked about in the song ended up coming true 3 years later when i got it…”