From Manchester to the World: Rapper BSK Is Taking Over

His latest release, The Mind of BSK, tackles some of the most prevalent issues in society.

One of the biggest misconceptions about rappers is that they are vulgar and crude. This might be because hip-hop has long been known for its unapologetic and sometimes indecent lyrical and visual content that aims to shock listeners into paying attention to the music.

It’s easy to see why so many rappers use the genre as an excuse as a platform for misogyny or violence; there is a lot of money that can be made by using vulgarity-laden lyrics. However, some belief in using their voices and platform to spread positivity and hope. New UK rap artist Ben Sharp Knowles, aka BSK, is one such person.

The Do Me Like That and Right Groove hitmaker has always loved listening to and creating music. As someone who has dyslexia, music gave BSK a creative and therapeutic outlet to channel his feelings and express what he feels. As a child, he listened to all kinds of music from different genres. However, his favorites were the rappers Eminem, Biggy, and Mac Miller, and they were the ones who influenced his style. As a rapper, he draws inspiration from these icons and aspires to one day reach similar heights. If the numbers are anything to go by, BSK will achieve these dreams sooner than later.

BSK has achieved significant milestones in barely a year since he became a professional music artist. Two of his tracks reached 100K streams on YouTube within weeks and had similarly high rankings on other music streaming platforms like Spotify. But the rapper didn’t stop there. Following that success, he has consistently released new songs that have been well received by fans and critics alike. Many fans have praised BSK’s style, particularly his wholesome and empowering lyrics. In a world where rappers seem to be cut from the same cloth, it’s refreshing to see BSK taking a different approach to rapping and songwriting.

BSK doesn’t just sing to release his emotions. He also uses his platform to spread hope and love through his craft. BSK feels there are a lot of negative emotions in the world right now that need a release—anger, fear, frustration—but he believes music can help spread hope and love. As a hip-hop fan, BSK says rap has helped him become healthier and happy, and he hopes his music will do the same for other people.

BSK has been making waves in the Manchester music scene with his unique style that connects with listeners on an emotional level while remaining conscious of their lives outside of rap. The goal is not just to have them nodding their heads but to think about how they can make the world a better place.

His latest release, The Mind of BSK, tackles some of the most prevalent issues in society. The 15-track album has been well-received by fans for its candidness and emotional resonance. BSK says that was the goal, and he’s not stopping there. The rapper has big dreams and aspirations for his music to help people across the world connect in meaningful ways and live happier lives. To that end, he is currently working on two new projects he will drop soon. One is house music and drum and bass EP, and the other is an album scheduled to drop early next year.