G DUBS- “Big Moreno” Video

G DUBS is a unique talent that’s shaking up the game!

G DUBS is about to shake the industry up globally!

The combination of his music, versatility, and persona exemplifies his diverse background, being from Ghana, born in Canada, with roots in New York City.

His newest release, “Big Moreno” displays his catchy wordplay and unique cadence. Far from mumble rap, DUBS’ lyrics paint pictures for you to visualize as you listen!

From his singer-songwriter abilities, fashion designs, video directing and modeling, G DUBS (@gdubs.wp) is a unique talent that is shaking up the game.

Over the last several months, he has released several videos including “Incredible,” “Big Moreno,” “No Kizzy,” and “TSPD.”

Moreno’s songwriting abilities showcase a wide range of styles and genres ranging from Hip Hop to R&B, to pop music.

Modeling is also another avenue for G DUBS as he’s worked with top brands such as Spotify, New Balance, TSN, WedLuxe Magazine, and more.

Check out the video for “Big Moreno” below!