Gio Franklin Is the Next Big Name in the Music Industry

Gio is a singer/songwriter popularly known for his G-STAR album, released in 2019.

The music industry is ever-growing, and new talents are constantly making their way onto the scene. The latest to establish his spot in the fiercely competitive industry is rising star Gio Franklin. His versatility and uniqueness as an artist have seen him become a household name, and many labels his music as the next big thing.

Gio is a singer/songwriter popularly known for his G-STAR album, released in 2019. He has also recently released G-STAR 2 earlier this year, which is a follow-up to the initial album.

Coming from a rich music background, Gio started nurturing his musical talent at a young age, and by age 15, he released his first song, which went on to gain over 1M streams on Soundcloud. The grand reception from his ever-growing fan base motivated Gio to release more music, and it was then he started working on the 13 track R&B/hip-hop album.

Gio’s broad understanding of various genres is part of what makes his music stand out. Gio does not confine his sound to one genre and creates music around hip-hop, rap, country, EDM, and pop. By exploring different genres, he not only gets to expand his talent but to equally create music that the audience can relate to.

According to Gio, music inspires him to keep moving even amidst challenges. He says music has always been there for him and helped him through the many tragedies he has experienced in his life. With every song, Gio aims to create music that inspires and brings out the best in everyone who listens to it. Just like music has been his second home and has helped him through difficult times, his goal is to create music that all can understand.

To the LA-based superstar, the studio is one of his best places. Drawing his inspiration from his surroundings, Gio creates lasting memories with his timeless songs. His talent has been noticed by some of the big names in the industry, including Adam Quinn, CEO of Apex Records, whom Gio terms as his number one mentor. Moving to LA, Adam was among the first to realize the young talent and took him under his wing; in fact, Gio notes in his recently dropped album G-STAR 2 Adam has been of great help showing him how to get it done. He is also working with celebrity vocal coach Nick Cooper on one of his future projects.

Although relatively new to the music industry, Gio would easily be mistaken for a veteran. His unique vocal range and sound is reshaping the music industry. As he continues to flourish, the only way for the singer and songwriter is up. Asked about the future, Gio Franklin is aiming for the top.

“I see multiple Grammys in multiple genres and maybe a few Oscars,” says Gio. He also hopes to one day own a music label or talent agency. The music industry is competitive, making it hard for upcoming talent to penetrate the industry; this has seen the industry lose some highly talented musicians as they did not have someone to hold their hand.