Rising R&B/Soul Songstress Brandy Haze Drops Empowering New Project “Sad Girl SZN”

Brandy Haze

‘Sad Girl SZN’ invites listeners into Brandy Haze’s world, offering a soundtrack for anyone navigating the aftermath of a bad relationship.

Rising star Brandy Haze releases her newest project, ‘Sad Girl SZN,’ out now via Rich By 30 Records. Download / Stream here

With a blend of soulful melodies and honest lyricism, Haze dives deep into the emotional rollercoaster of life post-breakup, offering listeners six tracks that resonate with the heart and soul.

“Sad Girl SZN” is a meticulously crafted collection that embodies the essence of introspection and healing. Brandy Haze, alongside a team of exceptional collaborators, including the likes of Txri Redd, Percy Allen, Minowaves, AC The Producer, Andrew Beckner, and Autograph, has birthed a project that navigates through the complexities of heartbreak, self-discovery, and empowerment.

The lead single, “Circles,” produced by the talented Txri Redd, sets the tone for the project, with Haze’s sultry vocals seamlessly floating over the poignant production.

The project unfolds with tracks like “Scam Likely,” discussing the broken trust and solitude post-breakup, and Limbo, which encapsulates the uncertainty and longing for clarity in a stagnant relationship.

One of the standout tracks, “Gentle Lies,” is a reflective ballad where Haze confronts the impact of deceit, articulating the deep wounds small lies can inflict.

The collaboration with Autograph on this track provides a perfect closing, encapsulating the essence of moving forward with strength and resilience.

“Sad Girl SZN” invites listeners into Brandy Haze’s world, offering a soundtrack for anyone navigating the aftermath of a bad relationship. With this project, Haze solidifies her position as a formidable force in the music industry, proving that even the darkest times can inspire the most beautiful art.

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About Brandy Haze:

Originally from Chino Hills, California, multi-talented Los Angeles-based songwriter Brandy Haze is primarily influenced by contemporary R&B, trap, house, and electronic meets pop dance grooves. 

The rising star now steps into this new era with her compelling new release, Sad Girl SZN. This emotionally rich project consists of six tracks that navigate the complex landscape of heartbreak and healing, marking a pivotal moment in Haze’s evolving artistry. Leading with the soul-stirring single Circles, produced by the talented Txri Redd, Haze taps into a universal sentiment of despair and resilience, offering listeners a deeply personal glimpse into the aftermath of a turbulent relationship. 

Stay tuned as Brandy mesmerizes the R&B and Soul realm, seizing the industry with her captivating storm.