How Artist Pearl Energyy Emerged from Behind the Camera to Center Stage

Pearl Energyy decided to rebrand herself and relaunch her music career in 2019.

Quality music has the power to unite people across the globe regardless of geographic and cultural differences, and through her enchanting records, songstress Pearl Energyy is doing just that. She has found a way to successfully stir up feelings we didn’t know existed. 

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pearl moved to Los Angeles for professional reasons. Originally entering the entertainment industry as Jade DelValle, a music video director who was responsible for crafting the visual images of numerous Louisiana and southern regional artists, her behind-the-camera work wasn’t successful in satiating her artistic craving. In 2017, Jade decided to leverage her skill set in video production to creatively construct her own image— That’s when she turned to recording music, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

The Rebrand – An Alter Ego

Since 2017, Jade DelValle independently released 2 EP’s, 1 album, a few singles, and several self-produced music videos.

In spite of this, in 2019 she decided to rebrand herself and relaunch her music career under the name Pearl Energyy. 

The rebrand was not just limited to her name, but her entire approach to music as well as her image. She describes Pearl Energyy as an alter ego, a persona kids, women, and men can relate to and fall in love with. The Pearl Energyy brandwas devised with international reach in mind, and the young, determined, talented singer/songwriter is determined to make a name in the world by producing organically, inspirational, and magnetic music. 

Pearl Energyy’s Music Connects with Music Lovers

Music is the only thing that people love without discrepancy. All that it needs to do is reach and touch their hearts.

Pearl Energyy’s music is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is stagnating with stale trends, sounds, and styles. She brings a brand new perspective to the table. 

Pearl has successfully touched countless lives and has givenkids, teens, young adults and adults the ability to dream bigger and better.

Her latest music video, “The Lavish Birthday Song”, was independently produced and released on her birthday – June 17. The mesmerizing music video was shot across exotic locations in the Maldives. The song symbolizes the celebration of her musical journey, and gives a glimpse of her potential. The melodious notes with vivid imagery based lyrics force you to sway and sing along. This combination has made the song an instant hit.

Pearl Energyy is working to give the music industry a new era of soulful and inspiring music that will uplift the community of music lovers and enthusiasts, and motivate them to achieve new feats in life. Step into “Pearl World” and hear music that has the potential to transform lives. Her sonic and visualmagic is already evident in her current vast fan base.

What makes her unique is her dedication and passion for music. She isn’t preoccupied with fame or glory. All that she truly cares about is her art and its power to inspire and resonate with others. She certainly is one of the most promising singers with the potential to take the music industry to a whole new level.