How Swwish is Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Describing his music as genuine, Swwish uses his music to tell his story with the hope of inspiring his audience.

Music is a big part of human life; whether at the gym, watching a movie, or simply taking a walk, we often find ourselves listening to music. As the music industry grows, more talents are making their way into the industry promising a variety of great music.  One such talent is New York rapper Swwish, who is taking the rap industry by storm despite being relatively new to the industry. Making it his mission to create timeless music and spark emotions, the rapper has become a household name.

Born and raised in New York, Swwish is a celebrated singer and songwriter. He is famously known for hits, such as “Bands Up,” “Moon walk,” and “Seppuku.” The rapper is also working on his latest EP, “Dark Void,” set to be released in November.

Although Swwish loved music from a young age, it wasn’t until he was 19 years of age that he decided to take his lifelong passion to the next level. He started getting into industry-quality studios instead of home studios and this allowed him to perfect his skills.

Describing his music as genuine, Swwish uses his music to tell his story with the hope of inspiring his audience. For instance, his song “Seppuku” tells a story of a young adult struggling with drugs and depression and is on the verge of giving up. At some point in his life, Swwish also struggled with depression; by writing and composing the song, he wanted to show the audience that you can rise above your struggles. Life is full of highs and lows, notes Swwish. Just like there will be good times, you will also face challenging times. The important thing is to remain strong and never give up.

Among the things that make his music stand out are his unique sound, strong lyrical flow, and diversity of the beats. To the rapper, music is a lifestyle. He wants to reflect his artistry in every aspect of his life, and his fashion style represents who he is as an artist.

In a world where most people try to fit in, Swwish advises that you stay true to yourself. You being you is enough for you to stand out, says rapper Swwish. Your music or anything that you do doesn’t have to make sense to everyone else, adds the rapper. To upcoming artists, Swwish adds you shouldn’t give up on your dream; challenges are inevitable, work hard, remain focused, and know that there is always room for improvement.

Asked about the future, Swwish has more projects planned. He wants to create more music and travel around the world performing to his ever-growing fan base. “My goal is to build a community of die-hard fans who love me for who I am and love my music,” says Swwish.

Although Swwish has not been in the industry long, his music can easily be mistaken for that of a veteran. As he continues to thrive in this brutally competitive industry, his music is also changing lives. Rapper Swwish has not only established his place in the music world, but he has cemented it.