PREMIERE: Ice-T “Too Old For The Dumb S##t” (Snippet)

Check out a snippet of Ice T’s upcoming track from his three-part trilogy!

Rap veteran Ice T is closing out 2019 with a bunch of brand new music. 

In July, Ice debuted his new song and video “Feds In My Rearview” which was taken from The Foundation compilation album. 

The track is part of a three-part trilogy Ice T has conceived. 

Today (September 9), Ice T drops off a snippet of his upcoming track “Too Old For The Dumb S##t.”

“I said, you know what I’ve been in film. What if I made a trilogy where the videos were as important as the song and do one, two, three songs that tell like a story of this criminal that’s going through these different things,” Ice T told 

“So the ‘Feds’ trilogy is three songs, I did it out of order like George Lucas (“Star Wars” director). I’m releasing ‘Too Old For The Dumb S##t’ which is actually Part 1 in the series,” Ice T explained. 

The release is through Mick Bentson’s Pay Up Records and Ice-T’s Final Level Records with distribution through Empire Records. The pair have a long standing relationship that includes the highly successful brand The Art of Rap, which produces concerts, merch and a documentary. 

Take a listen to the snippet and get ready for the full interview with Ice T on later this week! If you want to purchase or stream the song, you can get it right here.