IN-L Is The Creative Doing It All In The Music Industry

Multifaceted across several musical fronts, IN-L is creating music for artists that is shaping the future of the industry.

Nathaniel Lamont White was born and raised in Liberty City, Miami, Florida. After completing his studies throughout his adolescent years, he enrolled in the military where he was stationed in Washington D.C. and Norfolk, VA. Throughout this time, his passion for music was influenced by producers, rappers, singers, songwriters, and DJs from the 90’s to the modern era. Eventually, it grew into a dream that he would later pursue under the alias IN-L which symbolizes his love for music and the love that his fanbase has for his artistry.

IN-L began releasing music in September of 2021 but has already achieved the milestone of releasing over 40 songs, charting twice on the Apple Music charts. He is versatile across multiple genres including R&B, soul, pop, EDM, hip hop, alternative, and indie, among others. As his catalog manifests his recognition in the industry, IN-L continues to bring the heat. His latest project, performed by the artist, Leeny Pearls, was written, produced, and arranged by IN-L.

Its inspiration came from his struggles and experiences through poverty while growing up in the Sugar Hill projects in Miami Florida. It’s an expression of all he’s been through but also a beacon for those enduring the same hardships. IN-L aims to motivate listeners to keep fighting no matter what, always reaching for their dreams, never quitting on themselves. The lyrics are authentic, speaking on those moments where you feel abandoned by those around you. Ultimately, IN-L uses the song to uplift any going through it, reminding them that everything they need to overcome is within them.

There are many creatives in the industry, but none quite like IN-L. His catalog is proof of that fact. Follow him online and be sure to check out his present and upcoming projects.


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