Jae Focus Drops Brand New Video For “Pedestal” Featuring Goddess

Jae Focus

Lyricist Jae Focus is back with another track dope titled “Pedestal” featuring Goddess. Take a listen now!

Jae Focus announces the debut of his latest single and video with the new song “Pedestal” ft. Goddess, produced by Doeboyy Muzik.

The new banger is taken from Jae Focus’ album GODHOOD Deluxe Edition.

A GODHOOD production and lesson in humility and expectation, both of ourselves and others. At times our desire to maintain and define someone’s position in relation to our regard for them, incessantly heeds our ability to ever appreciate who they are.

To put someone on a pedestal is to deny ever truly seeing them for them. It is to be willfully blind to our own desire for validation in our choices, inso only selectively viewing what we choose. Almost like the cropping of a photo to highlight what we desire to be seen…those expectations become the barriers of reality, they become an island the muse is marooned upon and the hallmark of inevitable disappointment. 

Recording and performing artist Jae Focus was born in Chester, PA and raised in Wilmington, Delaware in the eastern corridor.  

Building a buzz for himself in the Tri-State area as a lyricist and being featured on BET’s “VOICES,” Jae “focused” on developing his business acumen. And in 2019 he launched Rogue Scholar Publishing company as well as the music label GODHOOD. 

For more information visit: jaefocus.com and www.god-hood.com
FMOI FMOT: @jae_focus 

“That’s why I never gave apologies /I would rather brave hypocrisy/If not what the babies got to eat? It’s profit can’t wait for prophecy….” – Jae Focus